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An Introduction To WPX Hosting

The best way to review a web hosting provider is to jump in and use the services. This is the only way to do it properly, and it is what I do to provide you with the top web hosting reviews on the planet. Checking out the sites, performing tests, and chatting with customer service about multiple topics gives a lot of information. The services that companies provide, as well as the features, also have an impact. The reviews at HostingGuy are what you should be looking at if you are looking for a top web hosting experience. These detailed reviews let you know what makes each web hosting service unique.

In this review, I will be gauging the effectiveness of the web hosting, it’s user-friendliness, its price, and its customer service capabilities. Reliability is also an essential aspect of hosting your website, which will be tested. Sites speed and reliability are some of the most crucial parts of selecting the best web hosting company for your needs. Websites that take too long to load have negatives, including frustrated consumers, bounce rate, search engine ranking, conversion rate, and in turn, revenue and traffic. 

A few of the things that WPX Hosting set out to improve upon in the web hosting industry were complex administrative dashboards, lack of live expert support, and slow server performance. With another goal of providing flexibility, WPX Hosting launched and started becoming more popular due to these goals. Find out here if WPX Hosting holds up in all of these essential categories, and get more details about what the site offers.

Services Offered

WPX Hosting provides premium WordPress services that are fully managed. By offering high-rated website speeds and an uptime guarantee of 99.95%, the site has many perks that allow it to reach these goals. With numerous features also offered, this website has people talking. Some of the features include daily automatic backups, power protection, and a fantastic support team.

The services that are offered by WPX Hosting provide the tools that more advanced website builders using WordPress will prefer to have. Domain registration is also available, and with numerous other features available, WPX Hosting is a top choice for many WordPress website builders.


WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting offers three price plans. These are Business, Professional, and Elite. The Business plan comes in at $24.99 per month, and the highest tier plan, Elite, comes in at $99 per month. There are discounts available for yearly subscriptions; these rates are the month-to-month prices. There is no free trial included with WPX Hosting, but there is a three-month moneyback guarantee. You can explore the service and see what it offers before committing. The refunds happen quickly too, which is nice.

The prices that WPX Hosting has are higher than many other companies. Unlimited site migrations, unlimited SSL certificates, and Enterprise-level DDoS protection are part of the reason. This company can be one of your top choices if you are going to utilize these features over time.

Another difference to consider when comparing plans is several websites can be supported with the lowest level of plans and other plans you are looking at. The most basic plan at WPX Hosting supports up to five websites, which is more than most other places whose lowest pricing option can only support one. WPX Hosting has a basic plan with 10 GB of SSD storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. Plans also include WPX Cloud Integration at the lowest tier.


Reliability Of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting has a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is fantastic. Business owners want to know that their website is going to be up when their customers need it. For website orders, this can be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale. The customer support with this provider is very reliable as well, responding quickly, whether via live chat or web ticket.

Some of this reliability can be attributed to the use of high-performance SSD storage. This improves website speed and general reliability. 


Features On WPX Hosting

The web hosting provider you choose can have a significant impact on your website's future, and the growth your business has. There are large numbers of companies competing for your business, multiple price points, and some of them provide more value than others. Evaluating the features you are looking for, as well as the pros and cons of a hosting service, is essential to your success. Speed, reliability, storage, security, and other important features are part of the process. There are many features that WPX Hosting offers, take a look.

One of the things that WPX Hosting is most known for is its speed. By providing services that allow your website to load at a faster speed; you get many benefits. Providing the most advanced technology, storage, and network available, faster speeds can result in better search rankings and more. 

Also, backups are stored on a separate server for 28 days, and these backups happen automatically each day. In terms of security, this is a fantastic feature. Backups are also useful if your website encounters an unexpected crash.

Fans of WPX Hosting are also very happy with the unlimited free site migrations. If you already have a website hosted by a different company, the migration to WPX Hosting happens for free. Combining this with the expert support team makes the process extremely smooth. Migrating a website can be done easily by beginners, novices, and advanced website owners. Also, you can migrate as many websites as you would like without paying any additional fees.

One of the main goals that WPX Hosting had coming into the industry was to offer a more user-friendly admin dashboard. Monitoring your website is extremely easy to do at WPX Hosting, and they have accomplished this goal and more. One-click WordPress installation is available, and there is a staging area where you can create a copy of your website to test new features and upgrades. Merging these updated changes can also happen with just one click.

There are also numerous security benefits to WPX Hosting, including unlimited SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt, free of charge. The task of obtaining keys and installing the certificate on your website is done automatically, which is a fantastic way to save time. Another security benefit is the scans that the company makes your website daily to prevent malware attacks. By removing malicious files and malware as soon as possible, it cuts down on the number of site audits that can occur if this is not done properly. Another security benefit is the included Enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula.


Support On WPX Hosting

Another major positive to WPX Hosting is its 24/7 expert tech support. There is an option for live chat that is extremely responsive and also a ticketing system that operates well. Getting a response by customer support quickly can make a big difference in keeping your website efficient. For people who are specifically looking for phone support or e-mail support, they may need to look elsewhere. That said, the fast response times of the customer support team easily make up for the lack of phone and e-mail support.


Other Considerations

WPX Hosting does not provide e-mail support, nor does it provide phone support. In addition, the website is more expensive than many other web hosting packages. It does include unlimited website migrations, WPX Cloud Integration, unlimited free SSL certificates, malware protection, and Enterprise-level DDoS protection, however. These services are add-ons for many other companies.

Another consideration to take note of is that WPX Hosting is not available for non-WordPress websites and blogs. If you are looking for web hosting to cover non-WordPress needs, check out my review for DreamHost.

My Final Conclusion

As a veteran website builder, I am generally looking for more advanced tools, flexibility, and options when it comes to seeking out web hosting packages. WPX Hosting comes in at a higher price point, but there is a lot of value behind what you get here. Fast speeds and fantastic reliability are part of what you are purchasing, but you also get unlimited website migrations included in the price. This is one example of the extras that other companies can charge quite a bit of money for.

Also included are unlimited free SSL certificates, malware protection, Enterprise-level DDoS protection, and fantastic customer service. For people who are looking for a top website and do not mind using the excellent live web chat and ticket support for customer service, this is a fantastic choice for WordPress site builders. There is no phone support, nor is there e-mail support, and the prices are a little higher than plans at other providers. They also include more perks and features.

Get the best prices for web hosting available using the links on this page. When choosing their hosting provider, the selection a person makes has a large impact on their website performance, including speed. WPX Hosting beats out most of the competition and has unique options that are very attractive. Check them out today.

Review Pros

  • Flexible Hosting Options
  • Great Customer Service
  • Powerful Servers
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • More Features Included

Review Cons

  • No E-mail Support
  • No Phone Support
  • Non-WordPress Options
  • Higher Plan Price Points

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