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An Introduction To DreamHost

Some web hosting companies do not provide enough services and features to make more advanced website builders and owners happy, DreamHost offers a plethora of features. These are fantastic for business-related web hosting needs and satisfy personal needs as well. DreamHost provides numerous services that allow for the creation of websites that are good-looking and get the job done. Everything from the website building software to the security features is on point, and DreamHost is one of the highest-rated sites I have reviewed. This makes it an excellent website to consider when comparing prices, features, and more. Make sure to head over to the site using the links here to get started with DreamHost after reading this. It is a great web hosting provider.


Services Offered

This is one of the websites that I use, and it has everything I need for my hosting packages. There are shared web hosting plans available, and also WordPress hosting, virtual private server hosting, cloud-based hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. Combine these things with the web building software from DreamHost, and you get an easy to use platform that saves time while also having fantastic security. There are no Windows-based servers at DreamHost, something to keep in mind if you are on the lookout for Linux-based servers instead.

The shared hosting at DreamHost offers a low-cost web hosting option. Your website shares server resources with other sites. While this is not the most powerful hosting type available, it is a solid option for many businesses. If you are launching a website that will see large amounts of traffic, looking into the VPS or dedicated servers, both offered at DreamHost, is the way to go. The rates for shared hosting are lower than the other options, but keep in mind that if another site you are sharing a server with gets a massive amount of traffic, it could affect the performance of your website during that time.

VPS web hosting is also offered at DreamHost, with four Linux-based VPS web hosting plans. Site owners that need more power than shared hosting can bring should consider this service. Some businesses are not allowed to have shared hosting by law, and VPS hosting can be a more cost-efficient option than dedicated servers for these businesses. They all offer unlimited monthly data transfers and domains, though the lowest level of VPS hosting has low memory and storage included. The highest configuration is a lot larger. Some websites do not need a lot of memory or storage, something you should consider as you shop.

Dedicated hosting at DreamHost gives users the maximum amount of web hosting power. Your website will be on a server all by itself, utilizing all of the system resources to get the job done. People who get this type of hosting package are usually expecting a lot of traffic on their website. If you have a site that is immensely important to your business and has a lot of traffic, to the point where it cannot go down for a short time without having a large negative effect, a dedicated server might be a good option. There are numerous options for dedicated hosts at the company. Each of them has unlimited data transfers. There are no Linux-based servers at DreamHost, however, another consideration. 

Cloud hosting packages are also available here. This type of hosting spreads resources through multiple servers, instead of just one. Allowing users to increase server needs when necessary, DreamHost has three cloud hosting tier levels that they offer. They offer a 512 MB RAM server, a 2 GB RAM server, and a higher RAM option as well. These come in Linux and Windows.

DreamHost Pricing

DreamHost has a lot of services, and the pricing can vary based on which you select as well as the add-ons you choose to get. Shared hosting plans are offered as Shared Starter plans and Shared Unlimited plans. The longer commitments are at a lower price per month, with Shared Starter plans starting at as low as $2.75 a month with a longer commitment and $4.95 per month with a month-to-month commitment. This service offers unlimited monthly data transfers and storage but does not have an email option. An upgrade to the Shared Unlimited plan, which starts at $7.95 per month with a one-year commitment is necessary for email. This plan is also offered on a month-to-month basis.

There are other great websites for VPS hosting, though DreamHost starts at $13.75 per month and ranges up to $110 per month for the more extensive plans and is an excellent choice. I have reviewed tons of hosting websites at TheHostingGuy, make sure to check out at least three or four reviews before making your decision on which service to get. That said, DreamHost is a high-quality site that is at the top of the rankings.

DreamHost dedicated server packages begin at $149 per month. This includes 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. The most extensive plans will run $349 a month and include 64 GB of RAM and 240 GB of solid-state storage.

The cloud hosting packages start at $4.50 per month and range to $48 per month. These have powerful specs for the price, and users compliment the value often. Reseller hosting is not offered as a standalone plan, though you can resell your own server space. This can only happen, however, if you add other domains to your own. There are other companies for reseller hosting that provide a better value.

Reliability Of DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the highest-rated web host experiences due to the fantastic uptime it has, as well as the services and features it offers. The company has a stable product, which means your website will be up when your customers and patrons go to use it.


The Features On DreamHost

There are a lot of fantastic features at DreamHost, making it a popular web hosting service. The interface is laid out in a logical manner and is easy to use. Getting started on the test website I made for the review was a breeze. The pages are not too cluttered, and finding everything you need can be done quickly and easily. There were no issues finding everything I needed, including the third-party app marketplace and security options, which are sometimes more difficult to find on other sites.

DreamHost offers WordPress web hosting. This starts at $16.95 per month and auto-updates, performs daily backups, and has security specific to WordPress. There are other levels of WordPress web hosting as well, giving a lot of flexibility. Any plugin for WordPress, which is referred to as DreamPress in the website language, can also be downloaded.

E-commerce and marketing on the websites are done through ZenCart. This can be found in the one-click install menu. It is an open-source online shopping cart where users can quickly browse the products for sale, and get more details on the things they are interested in. Security and other features are also excellent.

The cloud-based services here are also well-known and very popular. These service options all have a moneyback guarantee, unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains, and email. Being a top choice for TheHostingGuy means it has passed many tests and is known as a top web hosting company.

Support On DreamHost

Support is also excellent and available 24/7. Both email support and ticket-based support are available. The site also has online support. There is no phone option, which some users do not like. The live chat support is good, however, and it functions well regardless of the time you message. With detailed answers to the questions asked, the customer service team was very knowledgeable. Also, DreamHost has a moneyback guarantee policy that is substantial. While most hosts offer only 30 days, DreamHost gives you 97 days to check out the platform.


Other Considerations

There are few negatives to consider with DreamHost. There are no Windows-based servers here, so people looking for them will need to look elsewhere. Not having customer service available over the phone is not ideal, but the live chat services do a fantastic job. Also, with a moneyback guarantee that gives 97 days, you can thoroughly explore what the site offers with peace of mind. In addition, if you are looking for true reseller hosting plans, DreamHost does not have this option.


My Final Conclusion

DreamHost is a top choice for me when it comes to web hosting. I use the service and have had a fantastic experience from when I first signed up. This website has a lot of experience and has been around for some time, a sign that it will continue in its excellent performance for even longer. The site has strong security features, extensive domain management tools, fantastic cloud hosting offerings, unlimited data transfers per month, and works exceptionally well with WordPress.

This is also a web hosting provider that can grow with you. It does a good job for beginner website owners, making it easy to get a good looking website up quickly and easily. It is also a provider that has tools and features that will make an expert happy.

Some of the lower end plans are not going to have enough storage space or RAM to suit some website's needs, but since the company offers numerous plan levels, more than some other companies, you have cost-efficient options that provide a lot of value at each level. I highly recommend heading over to DreamHost using the links on this page and signing up. If you are looking for some of the things that this web hosting company does not offer, like Windows-based servers or true reseller hosting, take a look at the other reviews I put together. Web hosting, as an industry, is highly competitive, and finding what you are looking for can be done here.

Review Pros

  • Top Ranked Hosting Site
  • Many Service Options
  • Easy To Use Web Builder
  • Tons Of Features

Review Cons

  • No Windows Hosting
  • No True Reseller Program
  • No Phone Service

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