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An Introduction To CloudWays

On the search for web hosting, you are likely to come across many companies. I have reviewed a lot of available options, creating an excellent place to get the pros, cons, and unique parts of each website. One of these websites, CloudWays is a fantastic choice for many people. With powerful servers, affordable plans, and web hosting that is easy to set up, there are many perks to the company. There are a few negatives as well. Overall, CloudWays is an excellent option. See if it is a top web hosting options for you by continuing to read this review.


Services Offered

Companies are always looking for a way to stand out in their field. With many options available in cloud hosting that offer competitive pricing, the things that companies do a little bit differently can make them stand out. There are service options at CloudWays that are fantastic, and one of the biggest differences comes from the ability to select from five different platforms. These platforms include Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. There are friendly pay-as-you-go plans that are good for the wallet. You can even sign up for a trial without a credit card. Some amenities are not offered, including domain registration and e-mail included with the plans, but there are many offerings from this excellent cloud hosting service. It is important to note that domain registration is not offered even as an extra, though you can get e-mail as an add-on.

Getting started is easy to do, and CloudWays also lets you build your website without providing a credit card. Signing up for a three-day account can be done through creating a username and password. You can also log in with Google, Github, or LinkedIn. This is a nice touch that is not offered by most companies. After logging in, you can select from several different content management systems. Overall, the flexibility of the services that you can use at CloudWays is one of the strong points of the hosting company.

Cloud hosting plans are available here at a solid price point. By leveraging numerous servers to balance website load, these hosting plans have many benefits. As a company, CloudWays strays away from the usual packages and offers pay-as-you-go services. This means you are only being charged for the time that you use. For example, if you use the service for ten days, you will only be charged for ten days of hosting. This is unique from other sites and has many benefits.


CloudWays Pricing

In keeping with incredible flexibility that is offered by the company, CloudWays offers monthly web hosting plans that start at $10 and move upwards to $1,035 a month for the high-end offerings. You can get a $10 plan that brings 25 GB of storage, 1 TB of monthly data transfers, and 1 GB of RAM. There is a single-core processor with this plan. The most advanced plan at CloudWays, which costs $1,035 offers an extremely impressive 3,840 GB of storage, 12 TB of monthly data transfers, 196 GB of RAM, and a 32 core processor. This has top-level specs that are much better than most web host most powerful plans. This flexibility, both in pricing and specs, is one of the many things that CloudWays is known for.

Another pricing consideration comes with how CloudWays handles e-mails. I have reviewed a ton of sites over the years, and most of them include some form of e-mail support with the plans. None of the plans at CloudWays come with e-mail and the company charges one dollar per e-mail account per month, which can add up for users who need multiple e-mail addresses for their website or business.

Reliability Of CloudWays

The reliability here is excellent. In the tests that I did, CloudWays did not go down at all. Most website providers have at least a little bit of downtime, but in my 30-day test, there were no issues. Also, customer service is available 24/7. A form must be filled out to request in-person customer service, which some people do not prefer. I found the customer service agents reliable. The live webchat was also useful, and the agents were knowledgeable and gave accurate information about what the company offers. They also walked me through a few of the things I needed to accomplish.

CloudWays does not offer a traditional money-back guarantee, which most other companies offer. They do have a page on their website that details their services. With a pay-as-you-go plan, it makes sense that the money-back guarantee is going to be different.


Features On CloudWays

Building a website on CloudWays is easy to do. People can use WordPress and have a site created in a short period. There is a little bit of complexity to pointing your URL at CloudWays, though there are tools available, and customer service can walk you through the process.

Being able to try the service for free is a fantastic feature. The hosting company supports numerous apps and has flexibility when it comes to selecting cloud hosting services. Pay as you go plans being available are also a massive perk.

Site cloning is another positive when it comes to CloudWays. The service is straightforward, and its availability is a fantastic perk for many people. There are many e-commerce tools, including Magento and Prestashop.

Staying with the theme of flexibility, there are numerous options in terms of storage space and more. The highest-end plans at CloudWays provide a lot more than many other hosting sites. That said, these larger plans are much more than most businesses and companies will use. With powerful servers, affordable plans, and hosting that is easy to set up; there are tons of positives here.


Support On CloudWays

Customer support works a bit differently for CloudWays than it does for many other sites. There is 24/7 service, though there are a few caveats. You will need to fill out a request form if you are interested in speaking to a human being. Due to the company being a pay-as-you-go site, they do customer service a bit differently. The support team is very reliable, and both answer questions and give more detailed information in terms of web hosting concepts. There is no standard moneyback guarantee here, and the structure for refunds is a little more complex.


Other Considerations

While CloudWays offers an incredible amount of flexibility, there are some things that you cannot find with the company. First, it does not offer domain registration. This means you will need to utilize another domain seller to procure your domain. Also, the company has a backend that adds complexity when it comes time to point the site, after you have purchased the domain, to your hosting setup. People who are beginners may need to be walked through the process, and detailed descriptions of how to do this are available online.

Another important consideration is e-mail use. Many websites do not have a need for a lot of e-mail addresses, though it is an essential service for many companies and individuals. CloudWays charges one dollar per e-mail account, per month. At $12 a year per e-mail address, the expenses related to e-mails being an add-on can add up. With most hosting post providers, there are between five and unlimited e-mails included with the cost of the plan being purchased.

Lastly, some people may find they are interested in different customer service options. There is an extra step to talking to a person over the phone or Skype, which is a request form. There are a few places where an additional step or two needs to be done here that does not need to be done at other sites.

My Final Conclusion

It took me a little bit of time to get through everything that CloudWays offers. I enjoyed the flexibility that the service offers, and some of the unique perks and benefits of the company will be excellent for some businesses and individuals. While I do not need thousands of gigabytes of storage, some companies do. I was happy to see flexible options when it came to cloud hosting choices as well. Being one of the most flexible cloud hosting companies and having fast set up times are two major positives in its direction. The customer service set up is unique, and some people may not want to do their domain registration through another company, but these are minor negatives overall. If neither of those things does a lot to stray you away from an excellent company, CloudWays is very easy to set up, has excellent uptime, supports numerous apps, and has fantastic flexibility. I recommend this website highly.

Also, remember that comparing prices for web hosting packages from multiple companies is a smart plan. I have reviewed plans to help you find the best web hosting packages available. Each person’s needs are unique, as well as each individuals. CloudWays utilizes powerful servers and gets the job done.

Review Pros

  • Supports Cloud Hosting
  • No Credit Card Needed To Try
  • Top Tier Plans Are Very Large
  • Unique Customer Service Options
  • Pay As You Use

Review Cons

  • No Domain Registration
  • E-mails Are Add-Ons
  • Unique Customer Service

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