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An Introduction To FastComet

The leading web hosting services have some things in common, but some differences separate them from one another. Many website owners use each of the services companies have available, but the best way to get information about what they provide and whether they will be a great choice for you and your business is determined using the reviews at TheHostingGuy. Going in-depth about what each of these companies offers is important, and you will need to know what you are looking for in a web hosting service before you read the reviews. 

People who are using hosting for a simple blog can get away with using different services than people who have a video-heavy website with many gigabytes of data. People looking for fast hosting that is efficient often seek out reviews for FastComet to verify what they have heard. Does FastComet hold up to a serious review? Find out here. I have set up multiple tests to determine whether this budget-friendly web hosting package is right for you.


Services Offered

The services that web hosting providers offer, including the features and functionalities of the service are essential. Having perks on the server-side can help lead to a superior hosting experience. Reliability is also essential.

FastComet offers shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans dedicated server plans, cloud hosting plans, and other add-ons are also available. They use only SSD storage for files and databases. Also, they provide global CDN access. Looking for the right services can have a large impact on your website. Some types of websites have restrictions and cannot use a shared hosting plan. In this case, VPS hosting plans or dedicated server plans may be required. Since FastComet offers all of these, you will be able to keep up with the regulations you need to.


FastComet Pricing

FastComet has competitive pricing with a per month price range between $2.95 per month and $349 per month. This is a large price range because of the numerous services that are offered by FastComet. Shared hosting is at the lower end cost-wise and dedicated servers are on the more expensive end. There are many benefits to each type of service available, so knowing what you are looking for and your budget is important.

The most basic plans come with a single website, free domain registration for life, and 15 GB of SSD storage. 15 GB of storage is less than most other web hosting companies offer at their lowest level, but many sites do not need more than this. Having flexible options available is fantastic. People who build into having heavier traffic and more specialized needs can utilize VPS hosting, which starts at $59.95 per month. Dedicated hosting starts at $139 per month.

The site does not have hidden fees, and this transparency is appreciated. Some websites do have pre-checked offers that need to be unchecked by people who do not want to purchase them. There is also a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is longer than many companies in the industry have.

Reliability Of FastComet

The reliability of FastComet is fantastic. With over 99.9% uptime, your website will be available when people are looking to visit it. When a website goes down, it can affect events, services, and sales. The company also provides excellent security, and there are customer service agents available 24/7. The customer service of the provider could use some improvement, though problems are resolved fairly efficiently. There are multiple data centers to help keep your server local and to speed up load times. 

While I did not have any issues with load times, some customers do report slower load times than the other services they have used.


The Features On FastComet

Other features help with reliability in different ways, as well. At FastComet, you can run your website from your mobile device. FastComet has a mobile-friendly cPanel. This allows people to make quick and easy changes while on the go. Also, you can fully customize your backend with a large catalog of tools available.

Multiple data centers are here for you to choose from too, which can help speed up load times and keep your server local. You also will be renewing your plans at the exact price of your initial purchase, and locking in these prices can provide major benefits and help save money over the long term. Some websites will raise the price on certain packages after a person completes their first year.

People are looking for a website builder that they can easily interact with and use quickly. The interface at FastComet is easy to utilize, and multiple coding languages can be implemented. Optimizing the work of your web development teams can increase efficiency and allow for changes to the website more quickly, easily, and accurately. The services offered here are easy to use and function well for beginning website owners and novices alike. There is a drag-and-drop website builder, and FastComet manages features on the backend like daily backups, website setups, and hacked website recovery. With a knowledgeable support team, moving through these issues can be done smoothly.

The drag-and-drop website builder is easy to use and can help people get their websites up and running quickly. Over 150 apps can be quickly and easily installed, and unlimited email accounts and free domain transfer are available. Also offered are daily and weekly backups. If an issue happens with your website, you will want to be able to restore previous website versions quickly. Sometimes website owners create issues that are not easily resolved without this feature.


Support On FastComet

The support team at FastComet is very knowledgeable, and the live chat response happens quickly. Once tickets for solving issues are put in, however, they can take a little bit of time before resolution occurs. Customer support at FastComet can be done over phone, ticketing, and live chat support. The most effective support is done over the phone, something to keep in mind if you have more complex issues that you need to have addressed.

Outside of the team at FastComet, there are many tutorials available to help people navigate the website and find instructions that help to resolve issues and teach new options that are available that you might be interested in using. Preventing issues from arising by putting your website together in an efficient way can save time down the road.

Other Considerations

The basic packages that FastComet offers come with limited SSD storage space, a consideration for people who are loading larger amounts of content onto their website. Verify that the package you’re getting gives you the amount of storage space you need. It is possible to upgrade from a basic plan to a more advanced plan as time goes by.

Customer service is essential for web hosting businesses. The live chat response at FastComet happens quickly, though sometimes issues are not resolved as fast. They do get resolved, however, and some people find that the lower prices the website offers are worth spending a little bit more time with customer service when needed. Many people do not need to use the customer service at FastComet at all.

Another thing to consider is targeted towards more advanced website builders. There are many tools and features at FastComet, though if there are specific services you need that are more advanced, you will want to check and make sure they offered here. Use the links on this site to visit FastComet to get more information about the more advanced offerings of the company. All plans come with a network and web application firewall, security, malware removal, and other tools designed to keep your account safe.


My Final Conclusion

Many people have found FastComet to be sufficient in servicing their needs. The framework that FastComet has is intuitive, easy to use, and efficient. There are many outstanding products here that are targeted at beginning and novice website owners. The drag-and-drop site builder is easy to use, and one-click installation options create additional convenience for people utilizing the services. The site takes care of website transfer, offers backups, and has adequate network security to keep your site safe. The customer service is responsive, though some issues take a little bit longer to resolve. 

With many web hosting pricing options, FastComet can help you stay within your budget while also giving many services that other web hosting providers do not offer at the same price point. Consider the amount of space that is offered with the plans you are looking to purchase. FastComet does offer less than many of the other services reviewed at TheHostingGuy. Use the links here to visit the sites you are interested in and compare rates and services from multiple companies to find the best one to suit your needs. 

Getting the best prices available on web hosting that works well with your needs is essential, and I am happy to assist. FastComet offers shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, dedicated server plans, and cloud hosting plans. Coming in at many different price points, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Review Pros

  • Easy Sign-up Process
  • Tiered Packages
  • Inexpensive Web Hosting

Review Cons

  • Not The Fastest Servers
  • Average Customer Service
  • Some Upsells

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