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An Introduction To SiteGround

There are many things to pay attention to when looking for the right web hosting company and best web hosting package. Reliable uptime is essential, features and integrations are vital, and customer service can be the difference between getting your website up and running again efficiently if something does happen to it or not. SiteGround offers several services, including many useful free services that are great for website owners of all types.

Most customers looking for web hosting consider pricing, the amount of storage the site has, and features that are targeted for business owners. SiteGround offers a large number of tools to enhance performance, excellent customer service, all at a reasonable price point. The site does have a few negatives as well, though many of these will not affect the average person. My review here covers the positives and negatives of the website and explains why you may want to consider SiteGround for your next web hosting provider.


Services Offered

One of the ways that people can keep costs down when it comes to web hosting is by purchasing a shared web hosting plan. This puts several websites together on a single server, which helps lower the overall cost. Many companies and individuals research shared web hosting due to the price point and because many websites do not need their own server in order to run well.

One of the potential negatives of having a shared hosting package comes if a website on the server has a spike in traffic. If this happens, other websites, including yours, could be negatively impacted during that spike. If one of the websites on the server has a link go viral on Reddit, Twitter, or another platform, performance on your site could be slowed.

SiteGround also offers cloud web hosting. This hosting is Linux-based and can draw resources from multiple servers. Designed to adapt to traffic surges as they come, websites utilizing this type of hosting do not go down from a lack of power. SiteGround does not have VPS hosting, though it used to. For people looking for VPS hosting packages, they will need to go somewhere else to get the service. SiteGround does, however, have dedicated web hosting.

There are some situations where a person or business will not legally be able to utilize a shared web hosting server. In this case, a dedicated server is an option. Dedicated servers are also great for websites that are expecting larger amounts of traffic. Your website will be the only one on the server, meaning that your business utilizes all the power and storage on the server. Have dedicated web hosting at SiteGround comes with a free SSL certificate as well. The company offers only Linux-based dedicated servers. Those looking for a Windows option should look at the other website reviews here at TheHostingGuy, as there are many fantastic options available.

Another service that is offered by SiteGround is WordPress web hosting. The company will oversee website installation, and this plan brings enhanced security, daily backups, page caching, staging, automatic content management system updates, and more. With a free account transfer, there are many benefits to getting this hosting package. Similar to price as the shared hosting plans, people seeking this type of hosting can get plans of up to three years.


SiteGround Pricing

Pricing is an important consideration when it comes to web hosting. Shared web hosting is one of the best options in terms of cost-efficiency, and WordPress hosting here is also at a lower price point than the other options. SiteGround allows you to choose which datacenter you want to host your website, which is a fantastic convenience.

Plans in the shared web hosting category start at $11.95 per month, with upgrades at the $19.95 price point and the $34.95 price point. Each of these brings additional support, additional storage space, and larger network traffic options. The shared hosting plans for SiteGround do not offer a lot of storage space at the lowest levels, and for shared hosting, the GoGeek plan, which is the highest, has 30 GB of storage. This is less than many other hosting companies offer at their highest levels. Included in the pricing for each level are several benefits that other sites charge more for.

Cloud web hosting is another option available, and plans started $80 per month. There are many benefits to cloud hosting, and SiteGround has multiple tiers available. The lowest tier starts with 4 GB of RAM, 40 GB of storage, and 5 TB of monthly data transfers. The most expensive plan of the four costs $240 per month and includes 10 GB of RAM, 120 GB of storage, and 5 TB of monthly data transfers. It is essential to consider how much growth your website can have when selecting a web hosting provider. As your site becomes more popular, you may need more power to deal with the traffic volume you are getting. SiteGround provides a lot of room for expansion with its top cloud web hosting services.

Another service that is offered by SiteGround is dedicated web hosting. These options give you more power and capability to deal with larger numbers of visitors to your site. With this extra power comes a higher price point. Getting an Entry Server package starts at a price of $269 per month, and the most expensive high-end servers, called Super Power Servers, are $729 per month. There are a few different options for configuring a server, and this flexibility is appreciated by many website owners. Included with dedicated web hosting is a free one year SSL certificate.

All of the servers available on SiteGround are Linux-based, which some people do not prefer. There are other options for Windows-based dedicated servers, which you can find reviews for here at TheHostingGuy.

WordPress web hosting is also available on the site, at similar rates to the shared web hosting packages. The base plan here starts at a price point of $9.95 per month. Not a lot of storage is offered at this price point, so some people will need to go to the second tier, which is $14.95 per month. This gives users the added ability to host unlimited WordPress sites.

The top-tier plan in this category, called the GoGeek, is priced at $29.95 gives more storage and more monthly visitor capability. Each of these plans comes with unlimited data transfers and unlimited email. Numerous WordPress themes are available for free.

The last service that is offered in terms of general categories is reseller web hosting. If people are looking to jump into the web hosting business but do not want to deal with infrastructure, reseller hosting packages are an option. With plans starting at $42 per year, these plans offer commission reports, sales reports, and credit card processing. SiteGround allows you to apply your own branding to the servers you rent and supplies 24/7 tech support.


Reliability Of SiteGround

SiteGround has great reliability and passes my reliability testing with flying colors. With a stable uptime, the site does go down on occasion, for just a minute or two every few weeks or less.


The Features On SiteGround

Fantastic uptime is one of many features of the site. Plus, a free SSL certificate comes with all plans. There is an easy to use website builder and many other useful features. Another great benefit to this service is that it gives people a choice of where they want their server to be located.

Support On SiteGround

The marketing that SiteGround puts out has a large focus on customer service, and they follow through with it. Telephone support is available for the website, which not all web hosting providers offer. Also, live chat and a ticket-based system are available. Outside of this, SiteGround provides numerous tutorials, articles, and wizards to make people’s lives easier. The live chat services have a quick response time, and the customer service team is very knowledgeable. They are willing to walk customers through processes, such as importing WordPress websites and doing basic troubleshooting.


Other Considerations

There are no Windows-based servers here, so people who are looking for that will need to look somewhere else. Also, the site comes in at about average when it comes to their money-back guarantee. SiteGround offers 30 days for people to cancel and get their money back, though other websites, such as DreamHost, offer a much longer time between 45 and 97 days for theirs. The site is targeted at, and designed for, small business newcomers and novice web builders. There are a limited number of features in comparison to the most advanced services. It is also important to note that SiteGround does not have any VPS plans. In addition, the storage that is offered is lower in amount than some other hosting packages. The website does integrate with CloudFlare, providing improved security and performance. Also, a free SSL certificate comes with all plans. 

My Final Conclusion

With many useful services included in their plans, fantastic uptime and testing, great customer service, and numerous plan offerings, SiteGround will be a fantastic choice for many customers. Those who are not needing a ton of storage will find products that serve their purposes well. Use the links here to go to SiteGround and take a closer look. I recommend SiteGround for small businesses and individuals who do not need a lot of storage space overall.

Review Pros

  • Free SSL Certificate With All Plans
  • Tons Of Free Services
  • Great Up Time

Review Cons

  • Limited Storage Included
  • No Windows Servers
  • No VPS Packages

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