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An Introduction To JustHost

JustHost is a website that can function for people who are looking for simplicity. It offers shared hosting, but no other services in terms of hosting are offered on the site. JustHost does not offer virtual private servers, nor does it offer dedicated servers. There are positives to the site, and while JustHost is not an incredibly high profile web service, it does have an easy to navigate interface and hosting plans that can help people with their site, depending on their needs. JustHost does not have a large range of features, so it is a web host for people looking for the basics and price as priorities in their search.

I have taken the time to review JustHost, going over the pros and cons, and putting it all together so that you can make the best choice for your website needs. People own websites for many purposes, including blogs, sales, large business sites, and more. There are four shared web hosting packages offered by JustHost, giving some flexibility and options in terms of offerings.


Services Offered

There are four basic shared web hosting packages that are offered at JustHost, and the Basic plan starts at $7.99 per month. People who get longer terms can find themselves paying less per month, and terms of up to three years or more are available. The Basic plan offers five email accounts, 50 gigs of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, and the ability to host one website. It will not be the plan you select if you are looking to host two websites under one plan. Some people may choose to get multiple plans to host more than one site, as having one plan is a good way to separate things for people who prefer to have a separate organizational setup.

The next plan on the list is the Choice plan. This plan starts at $14.99 per month, and longer terms are also at a lower rate. This gives you quite a few more email accounts, triples your storage, and ups the domain capacity to ten domains. Small businesses or people who are looking to have multiple websites can select this plan. Another available plan is called the Choice Plus. This plan gives unlimited emails, unlimited storage, and unlimited websites. There is no month-to-month offering for this package, but it does come with backup protection and free domain privacy.

Some people are looking for something more powerful than the Choice Plus plan. JustHost offers one more plan which goes beyond Choice Plus. This plan does have a monthly option, which is $24.99 per month. The price goes down with longer-term commitments. Everything from the Choice Plus package, as well as an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address are included with this offering. Remember that none of the plans available at JustHost offer a Windows-based server option. There are other websites I have reviewed that offer both Linux-based and Windows-based shared hosting packages, so if you are looking for a Windows-based package, check out the other reviews on this website.


JustHost Pricing

With web hosting being a competitive market, there are tons of sites out there. Many of them provide more overall services than JustHost for a comparable price. Having these services can be a benefit, though some people do like to have a more straightforward and simple web host. Setting up the site is very easy with JustHost, and they have good customer service. Depending on the plan, prices range from $7.99 per month to $24.99 per month for the month-to-month options. Rates can be lower if you commit to a longer-term. Another pricing consideration for JustHost is the pre-checked extras when you are purchasing the plan. There are extras you will need to uncheck if you do not want to purchase them. This includes things like domain privacy protection and Site Backup Pro. There are other features you will need to opt-out of as well if you do not want to be charged for them.

JustHost also offers other extras in terms of add-ons, which you will be charged for if you select them.


Reliability Of JustHost

Many people who are looking to purchase a website go to the reliability section first. They say that time is money, and I agree. The longer and more consistently a website is up, the better. In terms of reliability, JustHost does a great job. It is a dependable hosting service and passed the reliability tests I did with flying colors. The uptime for the websites was not 100%, but they did well.


The Features On JustHost

Both security and e-commerce on the site are simple. There are numerous one-click install options for adding stores to the site, and these are convenient to organize and add products to. Adding things like a banner, logo, and other links was also easy to do and their analytics help track sales. With numerous e-commerce options available, JustHost is a simple way to get a store up and running at a good price. The security features on the site include a basic backup plan. More advanced backup plans cost an additional fee and are something that should be considered. Also available for purchase are SSL certificates for secure transactions on the site. SiteLock can also be a good add-on. It offers lower scanning and removal, and also does have a monthly fee to it.


Support On JustHost

When I review a company’s customer service, I call them up prepared with questions for them to help with. The company was quick to answer questions, and let me know that they were there 24/7 to answer my questions over the phone. The site has additional perks like their money-back guarantee, which lets you cancel your web hosting package at any time and receive a refund for unused time. This is a fantastic bonus and leads to additional peace of mind when looking to try the product out.

Another possible reason that the customer service was fantastic is the company only providing shared hosting. JustHost provides an option for people who only need this specific service, though the basic tier only includes five email addresses, which is not enough for most small businesses and other applications. If you have large goals for the site and want to continue expanding and growing, you may want to consider getting a service that will allow you to grow and move to other types of hosting easily when needed. Getting set up on a new web hosting service multiple times can be a hassle. 


Other Considerations

Those considering using JustHost will find great pricing and a basic service that can be sufficient for things like blogs, basic stores, and more. The website does not have Windows-based hosting. It also does not offer other services that many other web hosting companies have. This includes cloud-based services, dedicated servers, resellers, VPS, and WordPress hosting. Another consideration here is that not all of the plans that they offer have a month-to-month option. That said, most of them do, and the company does a good job providing pricing and usability that are of value to users.

When considering which web hosting company you are interested in using, shopping around is a smart plan. There are numerous options available, and the industry is competitive. Start by creating a vision of what you want your website to look like and offer. If the shared web hosting package will work for your site and you do will not need many features, JustHost can be sufficient. It is a reliable website, has an easy to use website builder, and has solid customer service to help you answer questions. Remember, though, if you are ever looking for anything outside of shared hosting, you might not be able to get it here.


My Final Conclusion

I believe it is important for people to not overpay for what they are purchasing. Many people do not need all of the whistles and bells that other web hosting packages offer. That said, there are other websites that have a more balanced package and offer more services to make expansion easier.

JustHost can be good for many blog applications, though users will need to keep in mind that the Basic plan only offers five email addresses. Many people will not need more than 50 GB of space, and the second-tier plan offers 150 GB. The company does a fine job of offering web hosting at a good price and creating a straightforward, easy-to-use platform. If this fits your needs, JustHost could work for you. The site is not very well known, but it does get the job done for basic applications and more.

There are many reviews I have done for web hosting, so make sure to take a look at multiple TheHostingGuy reviews to find a web hosting site that excels in the categories you needed it to excel in. Reliability at JustHost is fantastic, and while the site does lose some points for not having other types of hosting outside shared hosting and lacking some features, it is a solid site for people who don’t need these extra whistles, bells, and options.

Review Pros

  • Great For Basic Shared Hosting
  • Fantastic Uptime Reliability
  • Tiered Pricing Available

Review Cons

  • No Windows Hosting
  • Only Shared Hosting
  • Not Many Advanced Tools

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