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An Introduction To A2Hosting

Each web hosting site available has pros and cons, some more than others. A2Hosting lets potential customers know that they are here to assist in your business's success. This review will help show you what the bottom line is, giving the hosting package a rating and testing its speed, reliability, and overall value. While exploring the pricing, as well as the pros and cons of the site, I am excited to guide you through your path to finding the best web hosting provider for you. Does A2Hosting fit into your bottom line? Is it worth the cost of the hosting packages? Read this full A2Hosting review for the top information.

Services Offered

A wide range of options are available at A2Hosting, bringing a service that is ready to grow when you are. With services that are perfect for people and companies who are just getting their start as a website owner, plus services for large sites with a lot of traffic, A2Hosting brings a lot to the table.

A2Hosting offers shared web hosting packages at three levels. These are called Lite, Swift, and Turbo. The lowest tier of plan has unlimited storage and unlimited monthly data transfers. The package is limited to a single domain, however. It also comes with just 25 email addresses. Not everybody needs a ton of email addresses to go with their website, making this a great fit for some people. The Swift plan offers unlimited email addresses and unlimited domains in the cost of the package. The top-tier plan, the Turbo plan, also adds preconfigured site caching for faster load times.

Another offering at A2Hosting is VPS web hosting. There are multiple Linux-based VPS packages available here. I prefer VPS hosting for my larger websites, as there are many benefits. You get more resources for your sites with this type of plan. Because there are a lot fewer websites on each server, and each one is isolated, it offers higher performance. Keep in mind that some types of websites may need to be hosted by a VPS web hosting plan or dedicated hosting package due to site requirements.

Dedicated Web Hosting provides the most powerful hosting available. Your website gets an entire server to itself and is not sharing with any other sites. This type of web hosting package is perfect for people who expect a lot of traffic to their site. They also cost more on average. There are numerous dedicated server packages available, and each of them has at least two CPU cores, at least 8GB of RAM, at least 10TB of monthly data transfers, and two 500GB hard drives. The differences between these plans come with their ability to let you obtain root access and use the HostGuard Management system.

Many hosting providers do not offer cloud web hosting; something A2Hosting does provide. It is becoming increasingly popular and has differences from traditional web hosting. The resources your website will use are spread across multiple servers. There are multiple tiers of cloud hosting, though they are only offered for the Linux operating system.

WordPress web hosting here is fantastic, with unlimited storage and unlimited monthly data transfers at each tier. It is the top pick for WordPress hosting reviewed. The company offers Lite, Swift, and Turbo plans. Check out these plans in more detail by clicking on the links on this page. This is the top company for this type of web hosting package, and it should be considered. The price is higher than some other hosting packages, but the features and performance are incredible.

Reseller web hosting is also available with A2Hosting.

A2Hosting Pricing

Pricing is extremely important when it comes to budgeting for your company. Your budget will affect your bottom line, though often it is worth spending a bit more on your web hosting package to increase performance, uptime, and general reliability. Also, A2Hosting offers a fantastic moneyback guarantee, something else to think about.

The shared web hosting packages start at $7.99 per month and range up to $18.99 per month. These packages also have other add-ons available. Rating highly overall, many people are utilizing A2Hosting for their shared web hosting plans.

The more powerful VPS web hosting packages cost more money, though A2Hosting does offer unmanaged VPS plans. This plan is designed for more experienced users who have their own IT staff. The cost for the unmanaged VPS plan, which is not designed for beginning users, starts at five dollars per month.

Managed VPS plans are also available, starting at $49.99 per month. This plan brings a ton of features with it. Higher tier plans are also available, costing more money and providing more features overall.

Dedicated web hosting is designed for websites that need the maximum amount of power to run smoothly, with speed, uptime, and efficiency all being important. There are both managed and unmanaged dedicated web hosting options available. The unmanaged hosting, which starts at $119 per month, is designed for advanced website owners and designers. The managed packages start at $169 per month. There are different options available to obtain root access and use HostGuard Management.

Cloud hosting starts at five dollars per month and ranges up to $15 per month. WordPress hosting has the same pricing structure as the shared web hosting packages, and reseller web hosting is also available. Reseller hosting packages start at $19.99 per month, providing unlimited email, up to 200GB of storage and 2,000GB of monthly data transfers. You can supply your own branding to the servers you rent, and customer service is included in the reseller web hosting plan's price.

Reliability Of A2Hosting

Being a vital part of web hosting, reliability is the top thing that people are looking for with their packages. Convenience and features are also essential, as is the type of web hosting package people get. That said, the website's reliability determines what percentage of time your website is live and when people are able to access it. A2Hosting has fantastic uptime stats. After testing over two weeks, my site did not go down once. I wouldn’t expect a website never to go down, but with no downtime over two week period, A2Hosting does a fantastic job.

Features On A2Hosting

There are numerous features offered on the site, including many security and e-commerce tools. OpenCart, PrestaShop, and AbanteCart are all excellent, offering one-click setups that make getting started easy. Also, Magento is offered, with an easy drag-and-drop platform to help you create a store.

If you are utilizing the store, you will need a Secure Socket Layer. This encrypts the data that goes between your customer's browsers and your shop to create safe online transactions. Depending on your package, this will cost $49.95 per year for one year certificate with 256-bit encryption.

Support On A2Hosting

The customer service team at A2Hosting is named the Guru Crew. People using the term guru need to be able to back it up. I called the 24/7 phone chat service, and I also used to the 24/7 live chat. My experience here was one of the best I have encountered in all of my reviews. It did not matter whether I was calling in the morning or in the evening; the team here did a fantastic job. They live up to their name of Guru Crew.

Also, A2Hosting offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee. You will get a full refund if you cancel your account in the first 30 days. This is common, but what makes A2Hosting exceptional is the prorated refund they offer if you decide to cancel your account after 30 days.

Other Considerations

If you are in need of 256-bit encryption with your SSL certificate, you will be paying some extra money for it. Take a look at your needs and make sure to roll this into your comparison shopping. Using the links here at TheHostingGuy, you can find the best plan to suit your needs. A2Hosting is a little more expensive than many other options available, but they are top-ranked, and their Anytime Money-Back Guarantee is phenomenal. There are no Windows server options, so people looking for that will need to shop elsewhere.

My Final Conclusion

As a hosting provider, A2Hosting provides everything I need for website creation, security, e-commerce, and more. The WordPress offerings are phenomenal. For WordPress hosting, this is the highest-ranked website I have reviewed. The customer service is also top-of-the-line, making this an excellent choice for people with websites of all types. With exceptional uptime as well, there are few negatives when it comes to A2Hosting, and the positives are phenomenal.

Use the links here to check out the site and create an account. Whether you are a beginning website owner or veteran, A2Hosting is a fantastic platform. That said, comparison shopping is always beneficial and with the best web hosting reviews found here you can grab the best package for you. This is a web hosting company that can grow and provide for you needs as you grow.

Review Pros

  • WordPress Hosting Packages
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Fantastic Customer Service
  • Money-Back Refunds Available

Review Cons

  • Higher Cost
  • No Windows Options

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