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An Introduction To TMD Hosting

Feature-filled hosting offers the tools you need to build websites to push your business forward. While not all websites need a large number of tools to get their needs accomplished, having these features available allows for growth in the future and can prove beneficial in ways people do not at first anticipate. TMD Hosting has numerous features to both help get your website going and help it as it grows. TMD Hosting offers flexibility and reliability with excellent customer service and a broad range of hosting types and packages. Read this TMD Hosting review to determine if it is the best web hosting provider for you. Is TMD Hosting worth the cost? Find out here.


Services Offered

People who are looking for a plan that provides for their needs and also helps keep money in their wallets will often look at shared web hosting. This is the lowest-priced type of web hosting and one that TMD Hosting offers. While some businesses and individuals may need more power for their website, many blogs, small business sites, and more use this type of plan. The low-cost web hosting shared hosting provides means that your website will be sharing a server with other sites. For some sites, there are better choices in server types. If your site, or another site on the server, sees large traffic, it can slow down performance from the other sites on the server. This can happen if a temporary spike in traffic happens on one site.

Also offered is VPS web hosting. VPS, or virtual private server, offers more power and is a great choice for many companies. People who are hosting multiple sites can find it beneficial. VPS hosting gives websites more resources to pull from and costs more money due to this. There are five Linux-based VPS plans offered by TMD Hosting. 

Dedicated web hosting allows for even more power than VPS hosting. By having a server dedicated to your website, you get a large amount of resources. Individuals and businesses that expect a lot of traffic going to their site will want to invest in dedicated hosting. The cost for these plans is higher than VPS and shared hosting, however. While Linux-based servers and Windows-based servers are offered for both the VPS hosting and shared hosting options at TMD Hosting, dedicated servers are only offered as Linux-based.

Cloud web hosting technology is becoming more prominent and more powerful. This technology spreads hosting resources across multiple servers. With three plans, called Starter, Business, and Enterprise, TMD Hosting provides options for you.

WordPress is a highly popular management system for content. More than 25% of the Internet is powered by WordPress, and it is an easy to use website builder that has many benefits. Also offered is reseller web hosting. For people who want to get into the web hosting business and do not want to manage infrastructure, the Linux based SSD powered packages that are offered at TMD Hosting are an option. There are three plans available.

TMD Hosting Pricing

There are three tiers of shared web hosting at TMD Hosting. The first is called Starter and starts at $4.95 per month with a one-year plan. Month-to-month plans are also available. The package includes a single-core CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and being the lowest tier plan in this category means it is aimed at less demanding sites. Those planning to host a single website can find this package useful. The Starter package does not allow add-on domains.

The additional plans in the shared web hosting category go up in price, offer more CPU power and space, and also allow unlimited hosting sites and add-on domains. The highest level offered in this category, called the Professional, starts at $9.95 per month for a one-year commitment and is $14.95 for a month-to-month plan. This gives the maximum performance in this category with three-core CPUs and 3 GB of RAM. One of the features that TMD Hosting offers in this category is the option for Windows-based servers. These are similar in price, and not all web hosting companies offer this service.

The lowest tier of VPS hosting that the company offers is $35.95 per month. This ranges to $116.95 per month for the Super Powerful package. Both of these prices are the per month fee for one-year commitments. Those who are looking for a month-to-month package will see higher rates at $39.95 and $129, respectively. VPS plans are also available with Windows-based servers, starting at $79.95 per month and ranging up to $420 per month. These are excellent plans, and the flexibility of being able to choose between Linux-based servers and Windows-based servers is a big positive.

With five dedicated hosting server plans available here, even the first tier of plan offers a lot of resources and can assist with very demanding websites. With a one-year plan, the lowest tier option costs $119 per month. This includes 25 GB storage drives, unlimited monthly data transfers, for CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and unlimited e-mail. With the highest tier, website owners will expect to pay $249 per month with an annual plan. This option has great storage drives, unlimited monthly data transfers, eight CPU cores, 32 GB of RAM, and unlimited e-mail. This goes above and beyond what many competitors offer as their top tier plan. There are only Linux based dedicated web hosting servers available with the company.

For cloud hosting plans, the Starter plan is the first tier. This comes in at $7.95 per month with a one-year commitment. It includes two CPU cores, 2 GB of RAM, a free domain, unlimited monthly data transfers, and storage. It is designed to host only one website. The higher-tiered plans see a bump in price and offer more websites, more RAM, more CPU cores, and additional perks. The Enterprise tier costs $11.95 per month with a one-year commitment. Only Linux-based cloud hosting is offered.

The pricing for WordPress web hosting is the same as the company shared web hosting packages. It is packed with features that are friendly to WordPress users. These features include lower protection, curated plug-ins, and more.

Reseller web hosting plans have three tiers, which start at $19.95 per month with a one-year agreement for the Standard plan. Other plans are Enterprise and the top-tier plan Professional. The Professional plan costs $49.95 per month with a 12-month commitment.


This category is vital, and often one of the first ones I want more information about when looking for web hosting packages. If a website goes down, it can cost time, money, and more. You need your customers to be able to find your services or products at any time, 24/7. While a few providers have better uptime and reliability, TMD Hosting is right on their tail. This is a dependable web host that has fantastic uptime.


I was able to get started building my website quickly and easily, and the website builder was efficient. There were several templates I could customize to get up and going in little time. People can also utilize WordPress, Drupal, and other services for website building.

The security and e-commerce options were fantastic, as well. Numerous features focused on the security of my domain. Added security can also be selected, with ID protect costing $9.99 per year per domain privacy, and SiteLock, which came in at $19.95 per year, which provides SSL protection.

Support On TMD Hosting

Support is also essential for website owners. There is a lot that happens as websites expand, and sometimes talking to a customer service representative makes things more efficient. The company offers 24/7 chat-based customer service over the web, as well as tech support online. The phone support is only available during business hours in the US, which may make it a little bit more difficult for people in Europe and Asia to access. That said, the response is fantastic, and my overall experience was excellent. The support team was very knowledgeable and able to answer my questions and guide me through some processes.


Other Considerations

TMD Hosting offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, higher than the 30 days that many other companies offer. There are a few companies that offer 90 days or more, so while TMD Hosting is better-than-average here, it does not offer the top money-back guarantee in the business.


My Final Conclusion

There are many positives to TMD Hosting, though users need to keep in mind that some of the plans do lack Windows-based hosting. This is not uncommon with web hosting providers. There are also limited phone support hours. That said, there are tons of features built into the hosting plans offered here, and the customer service is excellent both over the phone and over the web. If you are looking for a variety of options giving you the ability to grow into new packages as your business expands, TMD Hosting has many solid options.

Review Pros

  • Web Hosting Plan Flexibility
  • Multiple Server Types
  • Fantastic Features
  • Excellent Uptime

Review Cons

  • Other Add-Ons Are Extra
  • Site Lock Extra

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